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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  January 3, 2019 4:00am-5:01am PST

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there's a new sheriff in town called democratic oversight. >> a government that looks like america. women in leadership rose. >> give me one reason why you should continue your shutdown? >> i think the people of the country think i am right. >> we have 800,000 federal employees not getting paid. >> if he gives now, that's probably the end of his presidency. >> what's he done for me. president obama fired him and essentially so did i. >> he was not fired. jim mattis put in a letter of resignation because he disagreed with the policies. >> and he bad mouths them when they bad mouth him first and that's what general mattis did. good morning and welcome to your "new day." a new day with a new congress, a historic new congress, with membership we have never seen before. a record number of women, records in terms of racial and
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ethnic diversity. nancy pelosi will become the speaker for a second time, the first person to regain power since the 1950s. that's a big deal in and of itself. for the president, it's historic in the sense this is the first time he will face real congressional oversight. >> the new congress facing an immediate challenge with the government shutdown on day 13 now, and it looks like president trump and democrats are both digging in for the long haul. their meeting in the situation room yesterday went nowhere, and a source told cnn the president said he would look foolish if he accepted a deal to end the shutdown. 800,000 workers are not getting paid this morning. and joining us now, a reporter for the "washington post," and dana bash, cnn chief political correspondent.
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dana, 102 women will be members of the congress, and the growth from when nancy pelosi first entered the house in 1987, there were 23 women in the house in 1987, and now 102 as of noon today. >> no women in leadership at all in either party back then. look, it's a historic day. it is a day for people of all genders, of allet ethnicity to celebrate that congress is beginning to catch up with the country that it is supposed to be representing. we can't forget that. i think even separate from that, john berman, i heard you say this earlier today, and i think that i am a fellow congressional dork, and i say that with pride. it's a great -- it's always a great day to see the new congress, because you see all of
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these members who worked hard to get to the place where they can represent their districts and states, and they come with their families. they have this tremendous feeling of sort of this fresh-faced, sometimes doe-eyed, but a zeal to get things done. you want to bottle that and hope that that can work its way up to the leadership in both parties. >> and -- excuse me. >> you are choked up over the doey-eyed members. >> yeah, choked up. rachel, as you point out, with this many desperate members, of course they are not all marching in lockstep, and you are seeing within the democratic caucus there's lots of different ring opinions about how aggressive to be and what their attack should be? >> yeah, there are two battles
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going on here, right. you will have to watch house democrats versus the president and see what happens with divided government and can they get anything done on a bipartisan basis. there's a question about the battle over the heart and soul of the democratic party. what does it mean to be a democrat? we are seeing that play out before the newly elected progressive superstar, acasa cortez went on twitter and blasted the package nancy pelosi announced, but there are house democrats that don't want that to come to the floor at all this congress and they are concerned if they pass too far left of legislative priorities they will repel independents and could lose their majority in 2020 or it will hurt them as they try to take out the president in the next presidential cycle. >> on the screen there it says
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new era in divided government begins in washington, and it may as well the first oversight on the trump administration begins today. we are seeing not just oversight, but nancy pelosi has made her case crystal clear in terms of the government shutdown. she sat down for an interview that aired moments ago. let me play what she says about funding for the border wall. >> are you willing to give him money for the wall because apparently that's the sticking point? >> no, nothing for the wall. we are talking about border security. >> nothing for the wall -- >> well, we can go with this back and forth, and how many times can we say no? nothing for the wall. >> no, you get nothing for the wall. that's where we begin the new congress on day one. >> exactly. dana talked about this the fun first day of congress and it feels like the first day of school, and there's renewed hope
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and optimism particularly from the newly-elected members, and we are headed into the new congress with the shadow of day 13 of the a government shutdown with no end in sight. democrats have not budged from the $1.3 billion in border security they offered the president, and they are not going to fund any extra for the wall. the president likes the $5.6 billion for the wall that house republicans were able to give him last year, but we are in a new congress. that's a bill that will not pass this house led by democrats. i don't see where the two sides are kind of, you know, where they can come together right now. the briefing yesterday in the situation room at the white house yielded no progress, if you talk to everybody that came out of meeting. congressional leaders will go to the white house again tomorrow to try to break the impasse, but we knew once the shutdown started it would get harder and harder for the president to get funding for his wall once the democrats took charge in the new
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congress, and we see that happening already. eu67 >> dana, i am sorry i keep beating the same drum. >> ever? >> ever. this is the craziest thing ever. stop calling it a wall, then. the president has. the president stopped calling it a wall, and nancy pelosi won't fund the wall, okay, don't fund the wall, fund the fence, fund border security so we can be done with this. >> yeah, you hit on the key issue, and that's that so much of this is semantics and posturing and politics. the incoming house speaker said this morning, as she has said so many times, she sees absolutely no reason to give in to the president for lots of reasons. the president feels the same way, and you heard lindsay graham say last night that he -- and he is clearly being told
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this, he can't give in because it would show weakness. nancy pelosi has said that she believes that the wall has become a symbol for the president's manhood, and whether or not that's true just on the pure politics of it, each of them has only a political imperative to keep digging in at this point, and i think it will be harder and harder for each side to come out of their corner and tip a toe into the pool of compromise. >> our reporting that we said in the opening there is the president told schumer he would look foolish if he backs down now. i am not sure that's a reason to not pay 800,000 federal workers. it's going to be hard to die on that hill over the next two weeks, the longer that goes on. another issue here, and you say the president doesn't say wall, and there's a tweet overnight
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saying sadly there can be no border security without the wall. he undercuts mike pence who offered $2.5 billion, and the president says that's not good enough, and he undercuts mitch mcconnell when he doesn't take the cr deal. i don't get the sense that congressional leaders on either side know where the president really stands. >> yeah, i was talking to several allies of the incoming house speaker, nancy pelosi, and that was exactly their comment. they don't trust the president. they can't negotiate with even mike pence because the president goes and undercuts him a couple weeks later, and they don't know what to take as truth or whether he is going to change his mind. i will say that this government shutdown, you know, it really has the potential not only to screw up what trump is doing in terms of trying to message his own accomplishments, but democrats going forward, they wanted to work with the president in the first few
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months of this congress to get something done on transportation, on lowering prescription drug prices, and there was a willingness and is a willingness to work with the president even though their base despises him. the longer the shutdown drags out the harder it will be to get something done because there's a very short window. as soon as robert mueller's report comes out in the next few weeks and months, everything will turn into oversight. and that's assuming house chairman do not start sending things to oversight in the next few weeks, and this could hurt both sides in terms of trying to get the bipartisan legislative accomplishments that trump wants and nancy pelosi wants. >> great point. it trips up the momentum of this new democratic class, and so all the hope and optics we will see, and it's hard to know just how intractable their root is going to be. this is what the president said
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in terms of how long this shutdown is going to last in his mind. let's listen to what he said yesterday. >> how long do you think the government is going to stay shut down? >> could be a long time or it could be quickly. could be a long time. it's too important of a subject to walk away from. >> it could be a long time, or it could be quickly. >> i would bet on it going a little bit longer because precisely the two sides are so dug in. i am curious as to what changes the dynamics, particularly among republicans on capitol hill. if you recall during the 2013 shutdown over funding for obamacare, there was a deadline that members of congress were way too afraid to approach and they were able to come to a deal to resolve that issue and a shutdown. i am wondering, it could be a breaking point once some of the more -- i call it the members of the pragmatic caucus, particularly in the senate, such
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as susan collins, how fed up they get over the shutdown to see if they can get their party to come to a deal. we talk so much about red states, and now we will start about blue state republicans up for re-election, and do they feel the heat over the shutdown and start pressuring their own leadership? that could be something to watch. >> you have to go back to what john berman, what you said, which is it's a moving target what the president will accept. he's an equation in this that he was not in the last shutdown, and that is that it's his issue, it's his main promise that he thinks that he gave, even though he said mexico would pay for it, and the fact that he undercut his own vice president in a potential deal he offered tells you a lot about how difficult it is for both sides on capitol hill to find the sweet spot.
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>> he did it on tv, surrounded by his cabinet, or should i say acting cabinet. sitting around that table yesterday, the acting chief of staff and the acting attorney general, and epa administrator, they are all acting. that makes this the master thespian cabinet, right? what are we talking about? let's play it. >> have i hurt you? >> don't be silly. >> acting! >> brilliant! >> i love that. that was going through my mind, john berman. it's a scary thing that i can get into your mind now. >> i apologize. i apologize for that. >> it's because you are a thespian. >> i am in my mind, alisyn. >> got it. >> genius. thank you. thank you all very much. former defense secretary,
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mattis who gave way to acting defense secretary, shanahan. he resigned, but that's not the president's version of it. we will tell you about the president's version of the invasion of afghanistan, the ahistoric version, next. at, we can't guarantee you'll be any good at that water jet thingy... but we can guarantee the best price on a hotel, like this one. or any home, boat, treehouse, yurt, whatever. get the best price on homes, hotels and so much more., booking.yeah
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former defense secretary mattis quit. he resigned. he resigned. requit. however, the president claims otherwise. >> what has he done for me? how has he done in afghanistan in not too good. i am not happy with what he has done in afghanistan, and i shouldn't be. but he was happy when i got him $716 billion. so i hope he does well. as you know, president obama fired him and essentially so did i. i want results. >> essentially he did not. eventually james mattis
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resigned. joining us now to discuss this, the pentagon and state department spokesperson. i want to start with james mattis quit. president trump is trying to re-write history before our eyes. >> secretary mattis determined he was not being successful with the president and his voice was not being heard and every obligation that we have as saw pwoer subordinates is to make that determination, and so if it's not working it's not working and he made the determination to leave, and there's a military term, and it's called stealing a march, and he said, boss, this is not working and i offer my resignation. >> i am trying to re-write history, or lie as we are all watching about how james mattis left, is one thing, and admiral
4:20 am
kirky, it kirby, to run him down. what is the impact there? >> that was very disappointing to see. very ungentlemenly, in my view. all of this is doing nothing to improve and make for healthy civil military relations. the president runs down former or acting generals and admirals who disagree with him or express policy differences. he makes it very hard, i think, for the military and the civilian control of the military to go on in a healthy way. i am worried about the presidency setting for future presidents and future commander-in-chiefs who might come to think this is okay. >> a lot has been written about that over the last 24 hours. what precedent does it set? what does it mean for the
4:21 am
civilian military relationship, and what does it mean for senior officers going forward who are active duty? might they be less inclined to criticize the president or more inclined to be insee 83ance. >> the last thing we need in senior leadership in the military is anyone of those individuals being aub seek wus. you have to be able to speak your voice. you have to be able to push back. you provide counsel to your leadership. the chairman of the joint chiefs works directly for the president, the national security counsel, and hrplomeland securi.
4:22 am
and he doesn't have around him the support staff, the support team, sorry, in place before with secretary mattis and with chief of staff, john kelly, because those three folks were very close over an arc of their life, a career together. so the chairman now has to be able to step up. the point that john is making, in terms of the civility between the relationships that exist, between the military and civilian control is absolutely crucial. military folks understood that. >> not only is the president re-writing recent history, but also going several decades with some astounding comments, historians will tell you, about the soviet invasion of afghanistan. listen to this. >> the reason russia was in afghanistan is because terrorists were going into russia, and they have a right to be there. >> there's two parts to that. one, the soviets invaded
4:23 am
afghanistan to prop up a communist government, and that's just getting history one, and the second part is astounding when the president of the united states says the former soviet union has a right to be in afghanistan. what would ronald reagan say about that? >> yeah, ronald reagan was very vocal at the time as you might recall how it violated international norms and international law, and they worked to resist and hamper russia's invasion of afghanistan over many years. just read the book "charlie wilson's war," and it puts it all out there. i got a glimpse of how difficult it is for some of the president's national security advisers to advise him on policy when it doesn't appear he
4:24 am
understands the context. pure and simple. the mission that our troops are doing there are twofold, counterterrorism, and training for the forces. it doesn't understand the president fully understands the strategy he, himself, signed. this is another problem i had is when he blamed secretary mattis, and it was the president's strategy mattis was executing. >> i am not trying to be the history police and say, oh, no, you got that answer wrong on the test about the soviet union in afghanistan, but general, it does show how the president thinks about national security, or how seriously he thinks about national security, and, again, this happens in the wake of the defense secretary resigning. >> what we are seeing with the president -- let's assume for a
4:25 am
second there's a level of curiosity, and give me that just for a sec in this president. he's an incredibly impetuous individual who runs off of his instincts. if you were to have the conflict between this alevel of curiosity and instinctual decision making, it would override a deliberate thoughtful decision-making process. >> thank you so much for being with us this morning. >> thank you. democrats take over the house today and are set to pass a new set of rules. one republican says he is ready to support them. he's next. the new sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now during our lowest prices of the season. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it can even warm your feet to help you fall asleep faster. so you wake up ready to make your resolutions, reality.
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in just hours the new congress will be sworn in and when the democrat-led house gets to work at least one republican is set to cross the aisle and make a public showing of bipartisanship. he plans to vote for the new set of house rules drafted by the
4:30 am
democratic majority. that congressman is new york's tom reed, and he joins us now. >> good morning. >> you are the first member to cross the aisle on a house rules vote since 2001. what are you thinking? >> it's time. i will tell you, i think the silent majority of americans agree with me as well as many other people out here, we have to break the gridlock and get the house working for america again, and today is -- i am putting my voting card where my mouth is and willing to step up publicly and say enough is enough and let's solve problems for america. >> you say you may face consequences from your fellow republicans, meaning what? >> obviously when you break away from the herd, so to speak, some folks are interested in playing us versus them politics, and there are consequences for these
4:31 am
actions. i am not going to worry or highlight that, because it is what it is. i hope there are none. what i am trying to do is listen to the american people and govern for them, the people we represent. >> it does sound like you were threatened with some consequences? >> well, hopefully there will be none as we vote today and go forward, but if there are -- >> i understand you don't want to swell on this, but i am just curious, what might those consequences be? >> we will let that be what it is and we will discuss that at a later date if it becomes relevant. the point is, this is a threat to the establishment. this is a threat to the status quo. but i appreciate nancy pelosi being willing to consider some of the reforms into the package, so i want to show good faith to the leadership on the other side of the aisle that there's member on the republican side that wants to work together. >> as the problem solvers caucus, it makes perfect sense,
4:32 am
and i know you don't want to say who might have threatened you, but what did he or she say to you? >> i can appreciate the question, but that's between us as members. we will let that be what it is, and i am not going to venture down and publicly discuss that, and at the end of the day i have to do what is right and today is a day to move forward. >> we will do that as well. >> thank you. >> you are on the problem solvers caucus. your goal of solving problems could be stymied by this shutdown. do you think president trump should compromise in some way with democrats and stop calling it a border wall and maybe everybody could come together? >> you know, i have seen the president and i have heard the president when he is talking about border security, and i think there's recognition that
4:33 am
there's a compromise there, as well as us, the house of representatives want to reach with the other side of the aisle, but you have to understand border security will include structures and include things like a wall in certain sections, like a fence. >> sorry to interrupt, but i don't know what "like a wall" means? let's break it down. how many miles long are we talking? >> obviously, many people think of the wall as coast-to-coast. that is not going to be the outcome of a compromised position. there are hundreds of miles that are relevant for application of a wall-type of border security measure. >> where are those? i am sorry to press you like this, but truly on a map, we need the president or you to tell us where are these hundreds of miles? what part is wide open where people are pouring through? >> actually, if you look -- the most effective, my understanding of the technology and the wall devices are in the urban areas,
4:34 am
things like san diego, areas of high population centers where you direct the entry into america where ports of entry you can control and supervise, and you build off of their going forward. there are numerous reports showing where it will work. >> the president has been all over the map. first it was 1,000 miles. he's down to 550. he can't show us on a map -- you just talked about the places that were successful. yes. so where is the place that warrants the $5 billion? >> oh, well when you are talking about a $5 billion investment of border security, that's why it's not just about a wall, it's about technology and fencing and about using ground penetration, the surveillance in the air, and this is much bigger than a wall and border security and that's where we are going. >> that's right. that's right. that's what your fellow republican will herd says, and that's not what the president is saying. he's talking about a concrete wall. >> you have it right on the
4:35 am
other side, alisyn, when nancy pelosi says no dollar for a wall, is that the partisan gridlock we are facing in washington that we are going to stop by taking this action today and being a voice saying enough is enough, and let's agree, whoever goes first, just go and lead and that's what we are trying to do. >> congressman, it's only the president saying the wall. you are not even saying wall. you are saying technology, aerial support. should the president stop using the term wall? >> i have seen the president use the term border wall, and border security, and nancy pelosi says not a dollar for a wall, and this is such a silly and asinine debate, and we need to get past it, and boarder security will include a wall, and at the end of the day who loses is the american people. we need to secure the border and need to make america safe but we need a functioning border safe
4:36 am
and secure. >> i think everybody would agree with that. everybody would agree with border security, and everybody seems to be stuck on the wall, which as you are pointing out, you moved away from. nancy pelosi, she just gave an interview with savannah guthrie on the "today" show, and she says she believes a sitting president can be indicted. let me play this for you. >> everything indicates that a president can be indicted after he is no longer president of the united states. >> what about a sitting president? >> well, a sitting president when he is no longer president of the united states. >> could robert mueller come back and say i am seeking an indictment? >> i think that's an open discuss. i think that's an open discussion in terms of the law. >> your response, congressman? >> well, you know, this obviously -- there are politics being deployed and being put forward was sperespecially as w through the leadership election, and indicting the president,
4:37 am
that's not the priority of america. we should be focused on where we find common ground and fixing problems like the government shutdown and like getting the border secure and moving forward from there. >> congressman tom reed, we appreciate you being on, on this momentous day, and we will be watching your show of bipartisan, your bipartisan effort this morning as you cross the aisle. thanks so much. >> appreciate it. >> hopefully he won't be lonely on that on both sides, and nice to be people joining him going forward. she is set to become speaker of the house again, and why does nancy pelosi think she is uniquely qualified for that position? our own dana bash sat down with her and we'll have that next. i am not for colds. i am not for just treating my symptoms... (ah-choo) i am for shortening colds when i'm sick. with zicam. zicam is completely different.
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go online now and enter for a chance to win. comcast business. beyond fast. nancy pelosi is set to reclaim the house, and dana bash asked her about the first and only woman to be house speaker. that must have been an interesting interview. >> it certainly was. on this program yesterday her youngest daughter yesterday said her mother would cut your head off and you won't even know you are bleeding, and some say that's the scary and effective side of nancy pelosi. there are others, too. practical, empathetic and
4:42 am
tireless. awful those attributes got her to where she is today, and poised to take the gavel of the female house speaker, the only one in american history. >> this is your hood? >> yeah. >> to know nancy pelosi, you go where it all started. when she was 6, her father became baltimore's first catholic mayor. >> he leapfrogged over the irish, and that was a big deal but it took political organizing to do that. >> much has been made of pelosi's father influence on her, and less known is her mother's? >> your mother pattened a device, first device to apply team to the face, basically a home facial. >> that's right. >> that's incredible. >> it is incredible. >> she says the times held her
4:43 am
father back in many ways, but he was a quiet force in politics. >> my mother was very much part of the organizing, and my father was the public servant. >> your mother got stuff done? >> well, my brother called it her moccasin brigade. there are two things i brought with me, and one is to know how to count, count your votes to win the election and to win a vote on the floor, and the other is listen to the constituents. >> her home was at the center of the italian community, a vivid childhood memory helping immigrants who knew where the father, the mayor, and his family lived and would regularly knock on their door asking for help. >> since going to board, i know how to try to get housing in the projects or a bed in the city
4:44 am
hospital, and because i heard my mother say it so many times. >> after college she wanted to go to law school, and instead, like many in her generation, she got married and started a family. >> when i got married and then i had a baby, and then five and six years, and people said she knew when she was a little girl she wanted to run for office, and i never thought of that that, ever, until i did. >> she moved back to san francisco, and she became more and more active in the democratic party but it was not until her youngest daughter was a senior in high school that she ran for an open house seat. >> i went to her and said you are going to be a senior and mommy has a chance to run for office, and i don't know if i will win. >> she said get a life? >> yeah, and i did. >> her male democratic colleagues did not get it. >> when people said, oh, a lot of the women are supporting nancy to run, and they said, why don't the women just make a list
4:45 am
and give us a list? this is the democratic party in the year 2000. >> she attributes her energy to her genes. she likes dark chocolate and ice cream. >> i like my chocolate unadulterated. >> how do you think you wield your power as a woman differently than a man does? >> other people tell me, if we were meeting, they would say, do you understand how different that meeting would have been if a man were conducting it. >> do they explain how? >> you listen and build consensus. >> that's what she did that she hopes will be enough votes for a speaker again, and made compromise of the doubters looking for somebody new, not her. >> some of us are better at our jobs than others, and i have a following around the country.
4:46 am
>> for most women, frankly, myself included, it's hard to say those words, i am uniquely qualified and i deserve this and i earned this and can do this better than anybody else, but you can say that. >> you know why i do it, dana? i do it because i want women to see you do not get pushed around and you don't run away from the fight. >> such an interesting discussion, dana. pelosi becomes the first speaker san sam rayburn to get the gavel back. how does she see it being different this time? >> it's really different on so many levels. when she first became speaker she had a democratic partner in the senate, harry reid, who was also the leader, so democrats controlled all of congress, and there was a republican in the white house like there is now, but the big difference is she is it, and there's a republican rule in the senate and a republican in the white house, and she's the only democrat who
4:47 am
has control of any branch or any part of elected washington, so that's a big deal. obviously, it goes without saying, even more of a big deal given the fact that she is up against donald trump, and, look, i have heard from so many people who said that when she did have trouble about a month ago, she really did have to shore up her caucus, and she had to make changes, promise she would not be there forever among other things, and they said who is as experienced and as tough as she to go head to head with somebody like donald trump? >> dana bash, thank you so much for bringing that to us this morning. appreciate it. >> thank you. bernie sanders said he was not aware of the sexual harassment in his 2016 presidential campaign. several female campaign workers came forward with accusations
4:48 am
but their concerns were not addressed, and he apologized in an interview with anderson cooper. >> i will not sit here and tell you we did everything right in terms of human resources and in terms of the needs that i am hearing now, that women felt disrespected and there was sexual harassment and it was not dealt with, and if i run we will do better next time. >> sanders said he was never informed of the complaints from women because he was, quote, busy running around the country campaigning. a driver is facing murder charges for crashing an suv into a truck killing one of the passengers. two juveniles in the car were tossing eggs at passing cars. it's not clear why the 14-year-old charged in the crash had access to an suv. a huge milestone in space. china has successfully landed a
4:49 am
rover on the far side of the moon, the side that never faces the earth. this never has happened before, and this morning we are getting close-up images. you can see that here. and the rover is trying to plant stuff over there to see how it does. you know what i learned? >> what did you learn? >> the far side of the moon is not dark. i thought -- >> alert pink floyd. >> the far side of the moon gets sunlight, it just never faces us. >> i don't think pink knew that. >> yeah, mr. lloyd -- which one is pink? >> there's a great documentary called "which one is pink." a child is injured after slipping into a rhino exhibit. we'll talk to the zoo's executive director about what went wrong here.
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a florida zoo has suspended all animal experiences after a girl was hurt. she fell into a rhino enclosure and came face to face with two rhinos. one bumped her before her father pulled her out. thank you so much for joining us. can you tell us what happened that morning that the two-year-old got hurt? >> well, according to the two
4:54 am
witnesses, we were doing a rhino encounter, who is something we do every day and have for nine years. it was a small group, mom, dad and their daughter. 10 or 15 minutes into it while the father was crouched next to the little girl and holding her, she stumbled backwards. and the poles are 12 inches apart on the center. so they are pretty narrow, but you can slip through them. she basically sprawled into the exhibit. at that point, we had all three rhinos -- >> yeah, go ahead. >> so all three rhinos, one of the things they look forward to most in life, we think they're always feeling pretty itchy is belly rubs and back scratches. obviously when something new comes into their area, they're curious. the two female rhinos immediately turned.
4:55 am
we think one of them made contact with her in that time period. we don't know for sure. >> well, they must have because she's still in the hospital as far as we know. do you know what the little girl's condition is. >> we know from the family they expect her to fully recover. we don't know the nature of her injuries. she fell backwards on to concrete. >> one of the reports said after she fell through the glass and we're showing video and still shots of this. it looks as though nobody could ever slip through it and it does seem remarkable that even a two-year-old could, but she did. one of the reports said she was bumped by the rhino. what did that look like. >> the two females turned immediately. it is entirely possible that one or both could have bumped her. dad picked her up right away, according to the two folks that
4:56 am
were there. we don't know the nature of her injuries. that's private information for the family. we have been told they expect her to fully recover and our first concerns are for her. we will be looking in the future to make sure we change that particular experience of the physical barriers to make sure no one can slip through those bars again. >> this is a hands on experience, right, where visitors to the zoo are able to pet the rhinos or touch them or what? >> correct. so what happens is every day at noon the rhinos come to stations. basically, the guests are on one side and the rhinos are at the other side of the steel poles. no one under 12 can be there without direct supervision of an adult. then we give them brushes and they can rub the rhinos and scratch the rhinos. >> i don't have to tell you that rhinos are these tremendously dangerous and deadly beasts.
4:57 am
and so was there ever any other danger? was there ever any concern that something could go wrong with this exhibit? >> well, everything in the zoo you take very seriously. safety is our number one priority. but this is an experience commonly offered at zoos throughout the country. we have been doing this for nine years. there is room for improvement. so we're reviewing our policies and procedures right now. we stopped doing this until we can make sure this particular thing can never happen again. white rhinos are very dog like in their behavior. they're actually very mild mannered animals. at the same time, they're huge. simply anything that big is capable of hurting you. we take safety very seriously. we know, we have been doing this for a long time and we'll make sure that could never happen again. >> we heard that the mom was also injured. do you know what her injury was? >> i know that she complained of
4:58 am
a sore arm. i don't know the exact nature. i do know that any time you reach through poles, if you have ever done that, your arm gets banged against the poll. it hurts. we just know she was examined and release. >> so your plan is to what, narrow the space between those slats that we're looking at? >> we have the team looking at that right now. we suspect we will put horizontals bars on it. but a slim person, a slim adult could even slip between them. so probably we'll add some horizontal pieces to add that. >> thank you very much for taking the time to exmain to us what happened and of course keep us posted on what's happening with that toddler. >> we will. thank you. >> thank you. all right. a new congress will be sworn in in just hours, so let's get right to it.
4:59 am
>> donald trump is going to have for the first time somebody that says no to im. >> it is a game changer having the subpoena power, the ability to investigate. >> it is a good sign for voters. >> what we will see a checks and balances coming to a flat screen near you. >> could be a long time. could happen quickly. this is national security we're talking about. >> democrats believe we should have secure borders the smart way, not just some 19th century solution. >> the senate will not waste its time considering a democratic bill which cannot pass the chamber and which the president will not sign. this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning, everyone. it is your new day, january 3rd, 8:00 in the east. >> it is a lot of new happening this morning. it is a new day. it is a new year.
5:00 am
it is a new congress. it is a new era of divided government. all of it begins in a few hours. the congress will be sworn in with democrats taking control of the house of representatives, ending one party rule. a lot of jewel jones. because there are now 102 women, you will be seeing a lot of royal blue and jewel tones i predict. >> men can be royal blue. >> president trump's administration will face oversight for the first time, another thing that's different. and nancy pelosi is expected to make history again. in a new interview, pelosi is not ruling out that a sitting president can be indicted. what does that even mean? the new congress also makes history with a record number of women serving in congress. it will be the most racially and diverse in american history. >> so this new congress begins today facing a


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